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WordPress is a wonderfully flexible platform for your business website. It is however vital to keep it updated, backed up, protected and online. If your website goes down or displays errors it could seriously affect your revenue and how your customers perceive your business.

I offer a comprehensive WordPress Management plan that gives peace of mind that your website is being monitored, optimised, updated and securely backed up, whilst you get on with running your business.

The WordPress Care Plan

WordPress Management Solutions

Keeping your website updated, backed up and secure is a time consuming, tedious and at times a daunting task. There is lots in the backend of WordPress that could break your site if you are not comfortable with what’s what.

My WordPress Care Plan is designed to alleviate these headaches and enable you to concentrate on running your business. I can find, host and renew the perfect domain and host your website on super fast UK based servers. 

I offer comprehensive backup, security and uptime services which are included as standard and I offer a friendly voice on the end of the phone if you are having problems.

All clients have the option to have their websites hosted on super fast UK based cloud servers. You can also migrate your website over to my Hosting and Care Plan free of charge

The Care Plan includes automatic domain renewal for your peace of mind. I can look after all your web hosting needs and email on fast UK based servers

The Care Plan includes regular off-site backups of your entire website so that it can be restored and put back online as quickly as possible if anything happens

Regular updating is an essential part of running a WordPress website to help protect the integrity of your site. The Care Plan includes peace of mind that your website software is always up to date

Plugins and your WordPress theme are the fuel that powers WordPress. Much like your mobile phone apps, they need to be kept up to date to run properly and remain secure

When your website is offline, you’re potentially losing sales and customers. A Care Plan will monitor your website and respond if your website goes offline

Sometimes glitches and bugs can occur on your website – it’s just the nature of an ever developing platform such as WordPress. On a Care Plan I am just an email or phone call away to iron these out

Performance reports for your website can be a highly useful tool in planning your online strategy. A Care Plan can give you regular reports on how your website is doing

Wordpress Management

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