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Attract and engage more organic traffic

Your website is your best sales platform. It’s one of the first things that potential customers will ever see when they find out about your business and what you offer.

If your website isn’t visible in the search engines, it leaves you unable to take advantage of new visitors who are looking for a company like yours. It’s vital that your website is both visible and accessible to your target audience.

Our SEO Health Check is a comprehensive review of your website, your online marketing efforts and those of your competitors. It helps to identity issues and potential opportunities, which when resolved, will provide benefit in the search results.

What's included in our SEO Health Check?

Our SEO Audit looks at seven key areas of your website, your online marketing efforts, your competitors and also potential opportunities for your business. The results are supplied as a PDF report with action points to let you know what needs resolving.

Keyword Research & Analysis

A keyword is the term for a search word or phrase that is entered into a search engine when performing a search. We’ll look at the keywords that your website is currently targeting, as well as potentially valuable new keywords which may be a better fit for your business. It’s important that we have a mixture of long-term strategy and long-hanging fruit for quick wins here.

Search Engine Rankings

We’ll look at how visible your website currently is in the search engines for the type of searches that your target audience are performing. As mentioned before, you want to be on page one here, which is defined as positions 1 – 10. If you were in position 100, you’d be on page 10 – there are 10 results per page in most search engines.

Competitor Audits

We’ll make a note of any competitors (locally or nationally) who are getting more visibility and attention than you. Just like you, we want your website to be more visible than your biggest competitors. It’s very important to always be aware of what your competitors are doing and to try and stay ahead of them in the search engines.

On-Site SEO

We’ll review the technical on-site SEO work that has been carried out on your website. It may be at this point that nothing has occurred on your website since launch. If that’s the case, it’s not a problem – we’ll recommend you the best steps that you can take to move forwards, no matter what issue we find.

Local SEO

If you service customers in your local area, it’s important to pay particular attention to Local SEO as this can make a huge difference to your phone ringing or not. When local searches are performed in Google, you’ll often see a map displayed with a small number of listings below it. This section here is controlled by something called “Google My Business”. We’ll review your Local SEO visibility and recommend any improvements.

Technical Elements

There are a number of technical elements and jargon-filled words that we’ll leave out of this page, but are very important as part of the audit. One example of these which is easier to explain is “broken links”. Google and the other search engines don’t like websites with technical issues, so we’ll be reviewing your website and looking for broken links. These are links that lead to an error page, rather than content.

Website Speed

We’ll carry out a number of speed and performance tests on your website. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, it would likely need some speed optimisation work. You only have 7 seconds to capture the attention of the average visitor, so you don’t want this time to be spent with them just waiting for your site to load.

5 Page PDF Report

Once we have completed the SEO Audit we will create and send over a PDF report document. We’ll explain what we found during the audit that was positive and working for your business and also the negative elements that we found where some work is required. You can then take your report and action the findings yourself, or we can plan your SEO strrategy with a FREE Discovery Call.

Ready to get started and be more visible to your ideal target audience?

Our SEO Health Check is priced at £349. This includes our time spent auditing your website, keyword research and your competitors, as well as creating your report and action plan.

Shortly after your order has been placed, you’ll receive a Welcome email and instructions on the next steps.

The SEO Health Check process typically takes around 3-5 working days after we receive your purchase and schedule you into our calendar.

We look forward to helping you improve your website and to be more visible to your potential customers.

SEO Health Check

Attract and Engage More Organic Traffic
£ 349
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Competitor Audits
  • On-Site SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical Elements
  • Website Speed
  • 5 Page PDF Report

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