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Website Audit

Need a bit of WordPress help?

Do you have a WordPress website already but feel a little lost with what you have and what you should be doing? I frequently come across businesses that are running WordPress but are left in the wilderness once their site is up and running.

A website audit might just be what your business needs. I will have a look at your back end setup and give you a detailed report on what you have. I can point out issues that should be addressed and what you can do to make your website work better for your business.

Is your Website ready for 2021?

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WordPress Audit

Understand your Website better

WordPress is an awesome platform for pretty much any type of business. It’s flexibility in both design and functionality rightly makes it such a popular solution. Many businesses however do not realise that their WordPress investment needs to continue once their site is live.

I can give you comprehensive advice on what you are running, what you need to do and what you can do. I can also offer tips and tricks on elements such as design, SEO and site speed.

WordPress is constantly developing and responding to security threats. Is your current version secure?

Probably the most important aspect of owning a WordPress website. If you don’t keep your site updated and secure, a malicious attack is always a risk. If you’ve then not got backups of your site, then potentially you could lose the whole thing! I can explain and advise in plain English this vital part of WordPress ownership

Plugins are like apps on your mobile phone. They offer additional functionality but need updating and in some case licences need to be paid for and renewed       

This is a vital feature of your website and if you are taking payment or personal details an absolute must. Customers are likely to leave a site that does not offer the secure https address. Don’t ignore this!

It is a simple fact that if your website is not ready for mobile devices, your Google rankings will start to suffer. I can advise you on what steps to take to make your business profile fit for modern browsing

Simple elements such as the titles and descriptions in your Google search listing have a huge baring on how your site is ranked. Let me take a look and give you simple, jargon free advice

The speed your website takes to load can directly affect how Google ranks your business. A slow site also makes your visitors impatient and reluctant to stay. I can run some speed tests on your website and give you some actionable advice.

Time for a Website Health Check?

Get the full picture of how your website is working for your business! My Website Health Check is a full and comprehensive website audit delivered in a detailed and easy to digest report. Is your website working for you...?

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